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Here are just a few great testimonies.  We have plenty more to add.  

ARNICA REMEDY:   I have been using it on my shoulder and it works great – better than Ben Gay and Bio Freeze.  I know you said it was all-natural and want to get more.  Carrie T.  

CALMING BALM:  Wanted to let you know that I used the lavender calming balm on Remmy before we went and got acupuncture.  I really think it helped! She wasn't able to get needles into him...which did not surprise me since he hates needles... But was able to do a laser therapy which he very much enjoyed! He was much more calm and relaxed through the whole thing than when he went to the saddle fitter where he would not even let her touch him. I really think the lavender helped... I am very happy! Thank you! Will try on dogs when next thunderstorm comes.  Tiffany Conrad - PA 

Meet Calibur.  Is it obvious that he was given some of your amazing calming balm?  LOL!   Love him!  We just LOVE your flea & tick balm and the calming balm!! Both of our dogs get so excited when they see me pick up the jars and literally jump for joy.  Aside from the obvious uses as a flea & tick deterrent and as a calming agent, I have found them very effective in helping to heal wounds and rashes on our dogs. I cannot say enough about all of your products. They are amazing and we are so grateful to have them in our home! Thank you!!  Sherry Ann Michael-NH 

I have a horse that gets very upset over fireworks and will pace and run to the point of almost panicked to hurt himself. He wouldn't eat or drink all night. Karen suggested using the lavender-calming on him. The next day I did as directed and the fireworks started at dusk and I had a whole new horse on my hands! He was alert but the worrying and pacing wasn't there this time. He was eating calmly and acted much more normal. I kept checking in on him and was amazed. Not only will I always have some on hand for all my horses but also will be carrying in my Animal control van for situations I need to calm an upset animal. I highly recommend to everyone to try with their horse or dog who may get upset and anxious.  Jess Nelson ACO

Meet Toby.  After the loss of another family dog of 12 years who was extremely sensitive to weather patterns, Toby thought his new want to be alpha role was to maintain the other dog's anxiety and stress level during thunderstorms and fireworks.  Toby had the calming balm during non stop July fireworks.  By the looks of the picture, what fireworks? Karen H - NH

Meet Gracie!  A Southern rescue who's Mom tried the balm on her to get her anxiety level down with great success.  Fireworks incident:  There were a lot of fireworks around last night and she was ok but a bit worried. Put the balm on her and she settled so nicely.  KE - NJ

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