Dog Calming Balm

Does your dog get anxiety from severe weather conditions, strange environments, car rides, thunderstorms or fireworks? Give Wanekia Essentials Dog Calming Balm a try!


Did you know a dog has a sense of smell 7 times stronger than humans? Our Dog Calming Balm was created with that in mind.  We combined the perfect all natural ingredients to act as a quick calming agent.  Why not try all natural it instead of utilizing veterinarian prescribed Prozac or other chemical produced medications.  You'll be amazed!    Safe and Non Toxic!  

Aromatherapy Calming Balm to Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress
Cats - Dogs - Horses - Livestock 


Does your pet (big or small) get anxiety with thunderstorms, fireworks, hunting season, travel, new environments or any change whatsoever?  Many do and are on veterinarian prescribed medicines such as Prozac or generic form that does have side effects.  Why not try an alternative safe method?  Note when ordering, please be specific as to the animal as the formula does come in different grades.  

Our natural long lasting and affordable calming balm is a topical aromatherapy solution that helps provide calming to your pets.  Applied liberally on your pet's nose and ears or collar, it provides a calming sensation to the olfactory receptors to the brain.    

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